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During the winter season, we are one of several area clubs
participating in the publication of the annual multi-club show schedule;
the well-known "Green Sheet".
The 2022-2023 version of the "Green Sheet" is now available.


The annual multi-club show flyer (the "Green Sheet") for the 2022-2023 show season is now available.

Thanks to all those involved with preparing and distributing the printed version of the "Green Sheet." This benefits all of the participating clubs, and also those visitors who are interested in seeing other clubs.

Thanks to the folks at the Phoenixville YMCA for allowing us to hold our January shows in the atrium of their facility from 2009 to 2018.
Due to remodeling of the building, they are unfortunately unable to continue hosting our shows.

We hope to present our layout at the January 2023 Greenberg's Show in Oaks.

See photos from some of our past shows.


Club members meet from time to time - sometimes in person, sometimes via zoom - usually on Tuesday evenings, to work on their modules or plan future shows. Shows and occasional work sessions are held on selected weekends. Most of the in-person meetings are now held at members' homes, since we have left our location in Royersford. While we were glad to have the opportunity to use that space for several years, the space no longer fit our needs.
If you are interested in joining the club, or just want more information, please contact the coordinator at

Club History

When Lansdale’s North Penn Model Railroad Club lost its lease in 1994, that club dismantled its model railroad display and dissolved, but several of the former members began a new club in Oaks the following year.

Unfortunately, after six years of building, and before even one public show could be held, they lost their home there, and had to repeat the demolition and moving process.

After that experience, members decided that wherever they moved the club in the future, they would build a "modular" railroad layout, to allow it to be easily moved when needed.

RMMR was formed early in 2002, and presented its first show in August of that year in Norristown. Most of the founding members had been members of the Oaks Model Railroad Club. Some have gone, but others have joined us. Although we are still not a large club, we have been able to improve the display layout and present successful shows for several years, and hope that the club will grow, and remain successful for a long time to come.

The Modular Concept

It’s simple - like a train: add more cars and you have a longer train; take a few cars away and you have a shorter train. Our modules connect together like the cars of a train; just as any railroad car can be connected to any other because they use the same standardized track and connections, our modules can connect to any other modules built to the same standards, or to compatible specifications.

By making the layout in small sections, or modules, we can take it apart, transport it, and set it up with relative ease.

Modular Advantages

Because the layout is easily moved, we can bring the railroad to the people, rather than waiting for them to find us.

The layout can be different every time it is set up. Modules can be added, removed, and rearranged as needed to create completely different layouts. This may be done to fit a specific show location, to introduce new scenes, to remove sections in need of work, or just to keep things interesting and new.

If the club needs to move to a new headquarters, we could move in a weekend, and be ready to have shows the same week. Compare that to a permanent layout, which would take months to demolish, and years to rebuild.

Each member is free to build his or her own modules. They can take these with them if they move away, or take them home to work on them.

Our club standards are based on the N.M.R.A. modular standards, which are used by many other modular groups, so our modules can be used with modules belonging to other individuals or other clubs. Someone moving from one city to another doesn’t need to start over from scratch.

The club itself only has a few modules; mostly "special" pieces like corners, which are indispensible at shows. Most of the locomotives, cars, and layout modules belong to individual members.

Model railroad clubs with large permanent layouts sometimes say that their layout contains "two scale miles of track" or covers "over 2,000 square feet." Statistics like these are not as easily given for modular layouts, because they can be different every time a layout is assembled. How large is our layout? The answer you get today may be very different from the one you get next week. We can leave out modules to fit into smaller spaces, or add modules when more space is available. The display can even change shape, being a square one time, a long narrow rectangle another time, and even "L" shaped or "U" shaped when that is required to fit a particular location.

See Our Shows

Our show dates are posted on our web site, and announced elsewhere when possible. Check here to find out when and where we will be having our next show.

We will continue bringing our modular layout to shows where it can be seen by the public. We enjoy sharing our hobby with you and welcome any of you who think you may be interested in model railroading to ask us questions. Even if we don’t know the answer to a question, we may be able to find an anwer for you - and also learn something new.

New Members Wanted

We are always looking for new people to join us.
You don’t need to be an expert model builder.
There are only two requirements:
  • Be willing to learn and to teach; none of us knows everything, and should be willing to share what we know with others, while learning from them also.
  • Be willing to work with others; each member has special talents, and through cooperation, we can achieve more together than we can alone.

For more information, talk to one of the club members at one of our shows, or contact us via email at

Thank you for your interest in our club!

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