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Here are some scenes from our second show, held in November, 2002, at the Open Door building in Royersford.

These photos were taken in the multi-purpose room on the ground floor, where the show was set up. They do NOT show our workshop, which is down in the basement.

The 2x4 module legs were a short-term solution, since we had a stack of 2x4s available at the time. Module legs have since been replaced with 2x2s, which are lighter, and strong enough for our lightweight modules.
  Mark and Jim helping get the layout set up for the show.
Mark and Jim helping get the layout set up for the show.
Scenery in the first year was almost non-existent.
Scenery in the first year was almost non-existent.
Module built by a junior member.
This module was built by a junior member, who has since moved out of the area.
Keeping the trains on the track.
Keeping the trains on track has always been important, but especially when there was no scenery to catch them if they went off the track.
The ground is the wrong color.
A few buildings added to the scenes, but the extruded pink styrofoam hadn't yet been painted, so the ground was still pink.
Approaching the bridge.
The curved track was put in to gain access to a bridge (not yet installed in this photo) which connected to a non-standard module on the other side of the mainn line.
The small yard.
There was a small yard along this side of the layout. This was on one of Jim's modules, and went with him when he moved to Alabama.

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